Media Flipped Debate from Stopping Mass-Shootings to Gun Control

Media Flipped Debate from Stopping Mass-Shootings to Gun Control

Here at the Boone, North Carolina, branch of the Breitbart News Network empire, all day, every day, I have four monitors broadcasting every conceivable news program. I miss nothing, I see everything, and six days after the Sandy Hook massacre I can tell you for a fact that from Joe Scarborough to Chris Matthews to Piers Morgan to Soledad O’Brien to Charlie Rose to George Stephanopoulos, the media as a whole is not at all interested in stopping mass shootings.

At the exclusion of all other ideas, The Media Narrative is only about one thing, and that’s gun control: restricting our Second Amendment civil rights and with that, our ability to protect ourselves from those who will flagrantly violate any new gun laws that might be passed. And that’s fine, gun control should be one part of the discussion. No one’s arguing with that. The problem is that the fascistic media is determined to smother all other ideas.

Right now, if you talk gun control, the media treats you like a favored first-born son. But if you dare talk about other ideas, like arming teachers, guarding schools, ending gun-free zones where shooters know you’re a sitting duck, or increasing the number of armed citizens through concealed carry permits, not only are these ideas dismissed, but anyone who raises them is openly laughed at and treated like a lunatic.

And yet, there are legitimate studies and examples that show gun control does no good when it comes to stopping mass-shootings and that these so-called “lunatic” ideas actually do all kinds of good. For example, I for one cannot fathom why the media isn’t demanding we immediately guard these schools with off-duty cops or ex-servicemen.

Well, yes I can. The media’s worried the public will be satisfied with that smart, effective solution and, as a result, the push for gun control will lose steam. So our schools are left un-guarded as the media pretends a ban on high-capacity magazines will solve everything.

And that’s why I’m telling you the media doesn’t care about stopping these shootings. Above all other discussion – above what should be the goal of batting around all ideas based on research, facts, logic, and study; in order to push the gun control they so desperately want, the media has made a tactical political decision to present gun control as the only solution.

And the media is doing this even though they know no amount of gun control would’ve done anything to stop the wicked madman who murdered over two-dozen innocent (and unarmed) women and children last week.

If the media was truly interested in solving this problem, they would put their agenda aside and open their minds and their Narrative to absolutely everything. But the media refuses to even consider everything. All the opportunistic media sees is an opportunity, and now they’ve organized all their powers and resources around a Single Narrative, determined to win the control debate by mocking, smothering, shouting over, ignoring, and dismissing everything else.

Debating gun control and debating what can be done to stop, deter, and mitigate these mass shootings represent two entirely different debates.

Right now, though, for purely partisan reasons, the media’s changed the subject.


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