D.C. Police Press Ahead with Investigation of David Gregory

D.C. Police Press Ahead with Investigation of David Gregory

Despite President Obama trying to come to David Gregory’s rescue by granting him a surprise interview, the Meet the Press host is still under investigation by the Washington D.C. police department for allegedly violating D.C.’s strict gun laws.

On the December 23rd broadcast of “Meet the Press,” Gregory is accused of breaking D.C.’s strict gun laws by brandishing on-air a 30-round magazine from an “assault rifle.” Possession of such high capacity magazines is illegal in the District of Columbia.

There have been conflicting reports on whether or not the staff of the NBC Sunday show was given permission to use the visual aide, but whether they were given verbal permission or not, the law is pretty clear that possessing the high capacity clip in question is illegal.

Many on the left claim that the investigation is absurd in the first place, but is it such an absurdity to expect members of the media, those who nearly universally support banning guns, to be held to the letter of the same laws that they want to impose on the rest of us?

Is it absurd to stand against elites getting a pass on the laws to which the rest of us are held so strictly?