Politico: Breitbart Leads the Opposition

Politico: Breitbart Leads the Opposition

The left-leaning, DC-based Politico news outlet has named–or blamed–Breitbart News as the leader of the opposition to Speaker of the House John Boehner: “The main anti-Boehner grumbling is coming from conservative media outlets like Breitbart and Hot Air, and outside groups such as American Majority Action.”

In fact, Breitbart News has not opposed Boehner’s speakership as such, but has reported on possible challenges stemming from his apparent weakness in “fiscal cliff” negotiations with President Barack Obama, his purge of conservative members from key leadership positions, and his failure to unite the Republican caucus behind “Plan B” proposals to raise takes on the highest earners–proposals the President and his party had already rejected.

Breitbart News has also proudly and comprehensively covered opposition to tax hikes from the conservative grass roots, as well as pointing out the failure of such policies in “blue” states such as Illinois and California.

We are not alone. In addition to the other outlets and groups mentioned by Politico, conservative talk radio–much detested by Beltway journalists–has played a significant role, with host Mark Levin urging listeners to call their representatives to voice objections to “Plan B,” and featuring interviews with members opposed to the deal.

While adopting a critical posture towards Boehner’s initiatives, Breitbart News has also allowed for the possibility that “many of his failures are not his fault,” given President Obama’s intransigence and detachment from talks. It is partly for that reason–and not because he enjoys unanimous support–that Boehner received a standing ovation yesterday from members of the GOP caucus when he announced that the Senate had to forge a deal.

However, Andrew Breitbart would no doubt be proud that his website continues to lead the conservative opposition to Obama–and that it remains as feared as ever by the “Democrat-media complex” in Washington.