Time Mag 'Tony Sopranos' Chris Christie

Time Mag 'Tony Sopranos' Chris Christie

There are three ways to look at Time’s latest cover.

1. Time is infamous for unflattering, attention-getting close-ups, and this is just another grab for attention from another dying branch of the Old Media tree.

2. Time is adding a little mob flavor to The Narrative that Christie is a New Jersey bully in order to set a 2016 trap for him. Heaven help “The Boss” if he gets tough against Hillary Clinton. All we’ll be seeing on cable news for the next ten days are scenes of Tony Soprano losing his temper in Dr. Melfi’s office.

3. This is Time’s way of rushing to Christie’s side. The editors know the New Jersey governor lost no small amount of the national conservative base due to his antics surrounding Hurricane Sandy, and nothing rallies the base like an unfair attack from the elite media.


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