CNN Pushes Anti-Gun Appreciation Day Petition

CNN Pushes Anti-Gun Appreciation Day Petition

CNN kindly invited Larry Ward to be on air this morning to discuss the upcoming “Gun Appreciation Day,” which he founded. CNN not-so-kindly invited Maria Roach to appear side-by-side with Ward and remind viewers that there is an anti-Gun Appreciation Day petition that everyone needs to sign. 

The degradation began when CNN host Carol Costello led into Ward’s segment by informing viewers that people are upset that Gun Appreciation Day is being held so close to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. She said the timing of the event “is making gun control activists furious.”

She said this before Ward’s mic was on and even before he was in the camera’s eye, otherwise he would have known his upcoming event is already a success (if liberals are mad, we’re doing something right). 

When Costello asked Ward to explain how he came up with Gun Appreciation Day, Ward said: “Gun Appreciation Day came about because on the first day of the 113th Congress 9 gun control measures were introduced.” He said he’d calculated that Adam Lanza broke 41 laws and/or ordinances to do what he did in Sandy Hook, yet the gun Lanza used was being criminalized instead of Lanza. So he thought a day of support for the 2nd Amendment and guns themselves was in order.

How did Costello respond to Ward’s well reasoned answer? By pointing out that “Gun control advocates say the day is a slap in the face to Americans,” of course.

Enter Maria Roach, anti-gunner and Founder of Americans United for Change, the group that started the petition against Gun Appreciation Day.

Roach provided viewers with disconnected and forgettable tidbits of information like: “Larry Ward is focused on theater”–“there is a selfish, self serving attempt in Gun Appreciation Day”–gun organizations “are using [Gun Appreciation Day] to fund raise”–and the always powerful “Gun Appreciation Day is a power play.”

As the segment closed, Roach was given the last word and she used it to tell viewers about the anti-Gun Appreciation Day petition which has been signed by a whopping “25,000 people.” 

Note to Roach: Far more than 25,000 people will flood into gun shows this weekend alone. 

Here’s the bottom line: Gun Appreciation Day is Jan. 19. Gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters can take part in it by going to your local gun store, gun range, or other shooting facility, and making your voice heard.

Ward wants it to be a gun rights version of Chik-Fil-A appreciation day, and he’s got the momentum.