Planned Parenthood Throwing Out 'Pro-Choice' Label

Planned Parenthood Throwing Out 'Pro-Choice' Label

Right on the heels of NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell admonishing a guest for describing herself as “pro-life” because, according to Mitchell, the label was not “value neutral,” Planned Parenthood is now saying that they will be moving away from the “pro-choice” description the abortion advocacy group has clung to because “‘choice’ as (a) word sounds frivolous.”

Buzzfeed is reporting that as part of a media strategy, the nation’s largest abortion provider will be shying away from the “pro-choice” term as it turns off millions of Americans.  The publicly funded abortion mill will be trying to find a term that is “a more nuanced statement of principles” 

“Rather than selecting a new term to replace ‘pro-choice,’ Planned Parenthood hopes to move beyond such terms entirely and present abortion as something too complicated to be divided into two sides,” reports Anna North.  The question is, will newspapers and television news follow their lead and come up with more “nuanced” description for abortion advocates as well?

It took years for Planned Parenthood to realize that “pro-choice’ wasn’t holding water for the majority of Americans because in the vast majority of cases, those advocating the “pro-choice” position showed disdain for those “choosing” NOT to have an abortion and they did nothing to encourage that choice.  They appear only to advocate for and promote one “choice” so it’s hard not to see through the hypocrisy of the label and see abortion advocacy groups like Planned Parenthood for what they are:  pro-abortion.