Bensmithing GOP Minority Outreach

Bensmithing GOP Minority Outreach

The GOP-as-racists narrative continues on Buzzfeed with a piece today focused on the minority outreach being planned by National Republican Campaign Committee Chairman Greg Walden.

Reporting for Buzzfeed on Walden’s appearance at a recent GOP retreat, John Stanton reports only on Walden’s comments about new plans to get more minority candidates and to try to appeal more to minority voters.

But a look at the GOP National Convention last year would have revealed any number of minority candidates. Indeed, one of the most talked about new Senators is Florida’s Marco Rubio.

Rubio was joined by Texas colleague Ted Cruz this year, as well. Not to mention South Carolina’s Tim Scott.

To name just a few others, the GOP also had an amazing candidate from Utah named Mia Love and Indiana’s Second District sent a very impressive woman named Jackie Walorski to Congress.

Of course the GOP has to communicate its ideals and policy plans better to minorities. But this Buzzfeed story is more about continuing the Old Media narrative that the GOP are racists who just can’t appeal to minorities than it is about reporting any news.

This is just a tactic to slam Republicans before they even make their next effort to reach out to minorities, an effort to lead readers into the long-held, left-wing contention that Republicans will never convince minorities to join them in a campaign for true equality.