Another Anti-Gay Comment Hurled By BuzzFeed Staffer

Another Anti-Gay Comment Hurled By BuzzFeed Staffer

QUESTION: How many anti-gay outbursts before BuzzFeed is labeled a Hate Site?

ANSWER: It’s a Leftist site, so everything they do is noble and pure.

BuzzFeed’s bad week ends badly — you know, credibility-wise. First, Michael Hastings and the rest of the BuzzFeed staff give sacred Democrat cow Rahm Emanuel a pass for allegedly assaulting one of their own (imagine the uproar had Scott Walker done the same). Then McKay Coppins is accused of making a whole bunch of stuff up for another one of his cutesy, attention-getting, nothingburger stories. And now BuzzFeed copywriter, Josh Fjelstad, has been caught Twitter-screaming “SUCK MY D*CK.” at gay activists.

It’s okay that he did this, though, because the gay activists in question are the conservative gay activists from GOProud. So, you know, like black and Hispanic conservatives, they’re sell-outs before they’re gay, and therefore fair game.


Fjelstad has since deleted his tweet, but again I don’t know why. There’s no risk of any repercussions when you hurl anti-gay comments at conservative gays.

As a matter of fact, Hastings set that precedent at BuzzFeed late last year when he launched an anti-gay attack against Richard Grenell, an openly gay conservative who worked as a foreign policy spokesperson for the Romney campaign. The only consequence of that, apparently, was BuzzFeed Politics’ editor-in-chief, Ben Smith, joking about it.

BuzzFeed seems to pride itself on its “progressive” reporting on LGBT issues. Editorially, there’s little doubt the site is in favor of same sex marriage and eager to launch a McCarthy-ite crusade against anyone in the spotlight who might have made any comment at anytime the site can describe as anti-gay.

But when it comes to their own hurling of anti-gay comments, there appears to be an exception.

Or maybe the exception has to do with the target of the attacks. Maybe the BuzzFeed rule is that anti-gay insults hurled at gays who buck Leftist thinking ranks only as an LOL.

“Jim Treacher” makes an excellent point:

I can see why Fjelstad is so angry. Isn’t it infuriating when people don’t agree with you automatically and without question? Why should you need to persuade them? Who the hell do they think they are anyway, failing to comply immediately?

As I’ve been saying for months, the only person angrier than a liberal who just lost is a liberal who just won. Most of us would welcome our ideological opponents publicly agreeing with us on a hot-button issue, instead of screeching at them for ever, ever showing any doubt. Guess that’s because we’re crazy wingnuts.

BuzzFeed’s biases are the least of that site’s problems. That just makes them like the rest of the media. These anti-gay attacks are something else entirely, however, and reveal an intolerant, cruel streak beneath all the childish BenSmithing.


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