Publicist Sues FishbowlDC for Libel

Publicist Sues FishbowlDC for Libel


Washington, D.C., publicist Wendy Gordon has filed a lawsuit over a series of unflattering photos that the media-gossip site FishbowlDC ran of her, Zoe Tillman reports.

FishbowlDC would post a picture of Gordon, often pulled from Gordon’s Facebook page, and “provide a false and humiliating description,” Gordon alleged.

The posts – the complaint includes a few examples – would often insinuate that Gordon was sexually promiscuous and actively seeking public attention. Those descriptions were false, Gordon said. …

Fishbowl “published one of the more despicable Wendy Wednesday articles on the day Ms. Gordon’s mother died,” the complaint reads. FishbowlDC is owned by Mediabistro, which in turn is owned by WebMediaBrands. The suit names both companies, as well as FishbowlDC Editor Betsy Rothstein and contributor Peter Ogburn.

The Wendy Wednesday posts appear to have been removed from FishbowlDC, a site that displays an unusual interest in the appearances of female journalists. Last year, Rothstein created a firestorm online when she published a post criticizing the “Sexpot” looks of some reporters’ Twitter photos. And the site has made frequent sport of the journalist Michelle Fields, whom it once took to task for “exposing a large chunk of her breasts on national TV.”

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