Fewer Folks at Home Watched Obama Inauguration II, Too

Fewer Folks at Home Watched Obama Inauguration II, Too

Compared to 2009, turnout in Washington for Obama’s second inauguration was hundreds of thousands of attendees lower this time around. But in-person visitors wasn’t the only number that suffered. There were fewer viewers at home for the event, too.

According to Gallup only 38 percent of respondents watched Obama’s second inaugural, with an additional 28 percent saying they kept up with the news coverage afterward. This compared to 2009’s numbers, where 60 percent said they watched the inauguration and an additional 20 percent watched the post inaugural news coverage.

Gallup also found that fewer Americans still have “hope” for an Obama presidency. In 2009, 62 percent felt “more hopeful” in their outlook upon Obama’s inauguration, but this time he only garnered 37 percent in that category.

Gallup concludes that it “certainly would be understandable for Americans to be less excited about a president’s second inauguration,” but that as Obama takes on his second term the nation shows “many signs” that it has not fully recovered.