Inauguration Ratings Plummet 55% Compared to 2009

Inauguration Ratings Plummet 55% Compared to 2009

Monday wasn’t really an Inauguration as much as it was a new episode of Joy Porn starring the mainstream media — and an act of Joy Porn the American people weren’t all that interested in watching. According to the “L.A. Times,” in 2009, 17 million watched Obama’s inaugural address on the cable nets. This year, that number dropped to 6.7 million.

Across the three broadcast networks, a total of 13.32 million watched the media fall to its knees in worship Monday.  In 2009, viewership topped 27.5 million — a 52% drop, and about a million fewer than watched Clinton’s second swearing in.

When added together, according to my shoddy public school education, that’s an overall drop of 55%; which corresponds with the drop in attendance at the actual event.

In Obama’s defense, you can only inaugurate the first black president once. 2009 was a truly historical event, 2013 no so much. But there’s also a waning enthusiasm for the man himself. Though the media would never let on, Obama’s approval ratings hover around 50%, and his reelection victory was far from the landslide most reelected American presidents enjoy.

Moreover, the economy stinks. Obama’s 2012 win was the furthest thing from a referendum on his achievements. In reality, it was a divisive gutter fight with the President swinging wildly and the media holding his coat.

Hope and change will bring out the crowds. Slash and burn, not so much.

Only the base is excited about the next four years and this of course includes the media, who no doubt went home after Monday’s swearing-in to smoke a cigarette.


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