Nightline's Terry Moran Mocks Rand Paul After Clinton Hearing

Nightline's Terry Moran Mocks Rand Paul After Clinton Hearing

After Republican Senator Ran Paul told Secretary of State Hillary Clinton he would have removed her from that office were he president, ABC’s Terry Moran fired off this tweet:

Translation: How dare he question the next president of the United States!

This is classic mainstream media tactical deflection. In order to take the spotlight off Hillary not reading the cables (which is why Paul criticized her) from our Libyan consulate requesting more security, Moran wants to make Paul the issue.

You see, Paul’s question and statement of fact doesn’t matter, because Paul’s resume is more important.

This is how the media turns an inconvenient narrative away from its own (a Democrat) and then trains its fire on whomever dares to politically damage one of its own. Libya has been a non-stop exercise in this kind of media behavior. Four Americans die under Obama’s watch, Romney dares say something, and the media makes him the story for 10 days; not the terrorist attack, the lack of security, or the subsequent administration cover up.

Remember all the hand-wringing we saw from the elite media when someone with no foreign policy experience ran for president in 2008?

Yeah, me neither.

Man alive, what an era the Democrats live in! No accountability, the watchdogs always have your back; and like magic, lies are turned into truth.

UPDATE: Fox News contributor, Democrat Kirsten Powers, says it better than I could:

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