Media Ignores: Obama's Post-Inauguration Approval Same As Bush

Media Ignores: Obama's Post-Inauguration Approval Same As Bush

If you remember, after George W. Bush won reelection in 2004, the media doubled down on its relentless crusade to turn everything into Watergate and to block every portion of the former president’s agenda — most especially his push to save Social Security through partial privatization. At this time in his second term, Bush’s approval rating was 52%.

Though you would never know it from today’s media coverage

[P]olling shows Obama essentially got no bounce from his Inauguration, with his approval rating having been at about 51 percent before giving a speech widely held to be a partisan recitation of liberal principles. Fifty two percent is exactly where George W. Bush was at the start of his second term.

But in the immortal words of our outgoing Secretary of State, “What difference does it make?” Obama’s The Lightbringer, and it is the media’s job to ensure he can do no wrong and that those who would foil him can do nothing right.

P.S. Have you looked at the stock market lately? It would have been kind of nice to have the option to put some of our Social Security in there, no? But in Obama’s America, it’s only the rich who are allowed to get richer.

The rest of us can suck on food stamps.


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