ABC's McFadden Compares Hillary to Thomas Jefferson

ABC's McFadden Compares Hillary to Thomas Jefferson

ABC News’ Cynthia McFadden Wednesday compared former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to founding father and former President Thomas Jefferson during a one-on-one interview.

On the January 30 broadcast of Nightline, McFadden spoke to Clinton in what was billed as her “last television interview in office.” They conducted the chat in front of a statue of Thomas Jefferson, and at one point, McFadden effusively equated Clinton to Jefferson. Motioning toward the statue of the founder, McFadden said, “As Jefferson looks over our shoulder, who I would only point out, was Secretary of State who went on to become president.”

To this Clinton merely joked, “I’ve heard that. Thank you.”

ABC’s full transcript of the interview does not contain McFadden’s Jefferson line.

The interview was mostly softball. While McFadden did bring up Benghazi, it was only to ask if Hillary stood behind her “what difference does it make” comment made during her recent Senate testimony. McFadden did not press Clinton on any of the substantive facts about the debacle that ended up in the brutal murder of ambassador Chris Stevens and several other Americans in Libya.

Photo: Heidi Gutman/ABC