Al Gore Slams Fox News as Propaganda

Al Gore Slams Fox News as Propaganda

On the January 29th episode of Charlie Rose, Al Gore defended his decision regarding his sale of Current to Al Jazeera, and had some choice words for FOX News.  

And on the Jon Stewart Show, Gore opened his bleeding heart over Al Jazeera, saying that they have “the highest quality, most extensive, best climate coverage of any network.” After that, Gore cited “conglomeration” and “deep [conservative] pockets” as the reason for the failure of his fledgling news net.

Excuse me, Al “Avatar” Gore; Conservative nets thrive in an advertisement-based market. The “deep pockets” of the average American consumer fund Conservative news. On an environmentalist note, Gore’s disdain for conglomeration and big oil didn’t seem to phase him when he sold his network to one of the biggest oil states in the world.

Finally, in response to Charlie Rose asking him about Obama’s first term, Gore said this: “I think it has been a pretty hostile environment for progressive ideas…Fox News and the right-wing talk radio. And yeah I mean, it’s not that complicated. In Tennessee there’s an old saying if you see a turtle on a fence post you can be pretty sure it didn’t get there by itself. And the fact that we have 24/7 propaganda masquerading as news, it does have an impact.” 

Al Gore lives in a peculiar world in which George Soros is a “wonderful man,” and Conservative “deep pockets” are the enemy. He lives in a world in which he bleeds over his environmentalist cause, then turns around and sells his network to Al Jazeera. Al Gore is a living, breathing, comically inept contradiction.