Feb. 2013: Newsweek Goes All-In for Hillary 2016

Feb. 2013: Newsweek Goes All-In for Hillary 2016

The cover of the current Newsweek magazine has a picture of Hillary Clinton grinning ear to ear, captioned, “The Most Powerful Woman in American History.”

The message is clear–Clinton is the candidate of choice for 2016 and she has earned it (in Newsweek‘s opinion). 

Michael Tomasky, the author of the Newsweek piece, goes out of his way to remind readers that, although the former Secretary of State is now just a private citizen, “she’s not just one of us.” In fact, he makes it clear that she’ll never be one of us because she is, “the most admired woman in the world” and the “most important woman in America.”

How has she reached these heights in Tomasky’s mind? Easy–“She has shown that women can wield official power and can do so with moral force equal to, and in some ways greater than, men.”

With all these accolades, an uneducated reader might actually think Clinton acted on the pre-Sept. 11 intellience coming out of Benghazi and bolstered security at the consulate. Who knows, such readers may even think Clinton acted decisively when video of the Benghazi attack was being streamed into Washington in real time. 

But she didn’t in either case, and Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other brave Americans are dead.

Far from Tomasky’s lady for the ages, this is the same Clinton who once told us the fantastic story of exiting a helicopter under sniper fire in Bosnia and running across the tarmac “with [her head] down to get into the vehicles to get to [the] base.”

When her 2008 presidential aspirations stirred up a fact check, here’s what was discovered: There were no sniper rounds in the air–“physical risks were minimal”–and the airport at which she landed was one “of the safest places in Bosnia” at the time. 

The bottom line: it may be  bit premature to go all-in for Hillary 2016.