Dick Morris Out at Fox News

Dick Morris Out at Fox News

The next in a line of recent Fox News departures is on-air contributor Dick Morris whose contract, it has been announced, will not be renewed. The departure was reported early on Tuesday and not long after Fox confirmed that it will not be renewing Morris’ contract.

Morris spent many of his last appearances on Fox News predicting a big victory for Mitt Romney in the late presidential election. He has not appeared on the cable network since November 12.

As we know, Morris missed that prediction by quite a lot. The former Clinton operative later apologized for his misstep, but perhaps his prediction that Romney would win big was the last missed predication Fox executives could take.

The 2012 election result isn’t the only guess that Morris’ predictive abilities muffed. In fact, he has a pretty long record of failed prognostications. To name just a few of Morris’ blown prophecies, he claimed that the GOP would take 10 seats in the Senate, that Herman Cain would overcome allegations of sexual misconduct and stay in the race, that Donald Trump would certainly jump in the race, that Michelle Bachmann would win or take second at the Iowa caucuses, and that George Allen was going to win the Senate seat in Virginia. Morris even predicted that Obama would pull out of the presidential race. And that was just the 2012 race.

Some of his book projects were also built around offbase predictions. Take his 2008 book, Condi vs. Hillary for instance, where he claimed that the 2008 race for the White House would come down to a contest between Condi Rice and Hillary Clinton. He got the Hillary part right, anyway.

There have been many such misconjectures over the years found by Morris in his cracked crystal ball.

Morris, it appears, isn’t taking this lying down. He announced on Twitter that he will be appearing on CNN’s Piers Morgan show on Wednesday, February 6. This will be the first time Morris will appear on CNN since 2002.