Should CNN's Obese Employees Be Publicly Shamed Into Losing Weight?

Should CNN's Obese Employees Be Publicly Shamed Into Losing Weight?

For the last three days, CNN has been on a partisan rampage to embarrass, humiliate, and politically damage Republican Governor Chris Christie over the issue of his weight. The entire network has been behind a push led by Jim Acosta, and the fig leaf of news — among other things — has been America’s obesity problem. But that’s a lie. We know this because CNN has thus far refused to touch Hillary’s lifelong struggle with her weight, which is now bordering on obesity.

If CNN is legitimately worried over portly role models having a negative effect on the left’s fascist crusade to tell us what to eat, aren’t television personalities role models?

Why, I think they are.

And doesn’t CNN employ a few portly role models of its own?

Why, I think it does.

If memory serves, among others, Roland Martin, Donna Brazile, and Candy Crowley all receive CNN paychecks.

If CNN truly does believe the health of potential presidents is a legitimate issue (and I would agree, especially the health of former cokeheads) and isn’t positioning itself as a leftwing sniper to damage a top GOP top presidential contender, I suggest the Most Trusted Name In News talk about Hillary Clinton’s obesity for a few days next week.

If Acosta and CNN are truly concerned with the effect portly role models have on America’s obesity problem and aren’t just trying to humiliate and politically damage a GOP star, I suggest they take a good look around their own break room.

This latest left-wing craze of attacking and humiliating America’s overweight is nothing more than bigotry and yet another leftist  push to limit individual freedom. The thought of even discussing anyone’s weight is anathema to me.

But it was Carol Costello who asked her audience today if Chris Christie (not Hillary Clinton) should be shamed into losing weight. Well, now I’m asking the same about a few CNN employees.

They started it.


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