Feminist, HuffPo Blogger Naomi Wolf in Talks to Join Al Jazeera

Feminist, HuffPo Blogger Naomi Wolf in Talks to Join Al Jazeera

Political consultant, feminist, and Huffington Post blogger Naomi Wolf is in talks to join Al Jazeera, the Qatari-owned news network that recently purchased Al Gore’s cable network, Current TV.

Responding to inquiries, Wolf said the talks are “extremely informal and very, very preliminary.”

Wolf currently writes for both the Huffington Post and the UK Guardian; she has already scaled back her work for the British newspaper. Huffington Post has reported that Wolf will be ending her association with the site, though no terms were announced.

Naomi Wolf has a long history of feminist activism, authoring such books such as The Beauty Myth and Promiscuities, but she also has a history of consulting for Democrats such as Al Gore. It was during Gore’s 2000 campaign when Wolf famously advised the Democrat nominee to wear “earth tones” in order to appeal to women.

In 2011, Wolf claimed that arrests of Occupy Wall Street lawbreakers was some sort of conspiracy planned and executed by the federal government and the nation’s mayors eager to stamp out freedom of speech.

More recently, Wolf compared the makers of the film Zero Dark Thirty to Nazi propagandists like Leni Riefenstahl.

Of the possibility of working with Al Jazeera, Wolf said she was thrilled. “As an American who cares about civil liberties, it’s good for all of us that the Guardian and Al Jazeera are doing the work they’re doing,” she said. “It is good for civil society in America.”

Photo credit: Sunset Parkerpix/Flickr