New Yorker's Hagel Story Got One Thing Right: Breitbart's #WAR

New Yorker's Hagel Story Got One Thing Right: Breitbart's #WAR

It’s rather rich being lectured on journalistic accuracy and the use of anonymous sources by a magazine whose impassioned, almost polemical reporting on the Iraq War was often based on anonymous sources–and one, moreover, that recently fired a writer for “recycling” his stories. But the New Yorker did get one thing right in its attack on Breitbart News today:

Where journalists are researchers, they see themselves as warriors, picking up Breitbart’s hashtagged mantle #WAR.

We fight because they judge us by standards they would never apply to themselves (just ask whether the New Yorker showed any skepticism about Harry Reid’s mysteriously-sourced claims about Mitt Romney’s taxes).

We have to fight, because mainstream publications like the New Yorker show little interest in holding those in power accountable, when those in power are from the left–and target the administration’s critics instead.

We see ourselves as warriors because the mainstream media has declared war on us–on those Americans who still believe in what this country stands for, and that our Constitution ought to mean something.