Obama: 'Clear Out the Press So We Can Take Some Questions'

Obama: 'Clear Out the Press So We Can Take Some Questions'

If it mattered, the dismissive way Obama treats the media coupled with his lack of transparency would be troubling. But it doesn’t matter. Even if the president was as transparent as glass, the media would still cover up anything that might politically damage him. So the fact that Obama treats the media like the lackeys they are is actually very amusing and all kinds of satisfying.

The  media’s been whining about “access” for 10 days now and as a result, today, Obama pretty much laughed in their collective faces with this:

“What I want to do is clear out the press so we can take some questions.”

As the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple points out, just two weeks ago, Obama bragged about heading the most transparent administration ever. Today, though, Obama inflicts a little more Battered Media Syndrome on his lapdogs by treating them like the stenography pool in front of… the whole wide world.

Let me repeat: If the media want respect, instead of whining about their precious one’s dismissively abusive treatment of them, the media instead should demand respect from Obama by holding him accountable for things like lying about and demagoguing the sequester, Libya, the economy… In other words, actually do their job as guardians of the country instead of Palace Guards.

Naturally, though, the media will continue to take Obama’s abuse, whine a little, and then come back for more.

You know, because they know Barack loves them and that he really wants to change and is trying to change and that he can’t help the way he behaves sometimes because he’s under a lot of pressure being awesome.


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