Howard Kurtz: 'Pointless Argument' Over Obama Lying About Sequester

Howard Kurtz: 'Pointless Argument' Over Obama Lying About Sequester

Howard Kurtz is such a piece of work.

Obama spent weeks demagoguing the sequester and blaming Republicans for the coming cuts. Except, of course, Obama was lying. Sequester was not only his idea, but he also agreed that any deal would not include tax increases. Naturally, we wouldn’t have known anything of this were it not for the freak incident of a reporter actually doing something beyond playing Obama’s stenographer.

Thanks to some actual reporting and a willingness to tell an inconvenient truth about The One, it was Bob Woodward who broke ranks with the Palace Guard Media and dropped a truth bomb on the White House. And what does Howard Kurtz do with this news? He plays it all down with…

Who cares? It’s a pointless argument!

The credibility of the president of the United States doesn’t matter? The veracity of the basis for a weeks-long political attack against the GOP (that’s been mirrored by the media) is pointless? Who cares if the President of the United States and by extension the media lies?

Time and again and again the media does this. You lay a glove on Obama, you knock a little of the bark off him, and some media elitist runs into the line of fire, waves his arms, and screams, “There’s nothing to see here! Move along! Forget you ever saw this!”

You know, I really miss living in a country where the media believes catching the president in a lie is newsworthy. 


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