Andrew Breitbart's Journalistic Legacy Alive and Well

Andrew Breitbart's Journalistic Legacy Alive and Well

Recently, I was on a flight back from Los Angeles when I noticed an old version of Wired magazine in the seat-back in front of me. As I flipped past an article on the YouTube revolution and a quiz on what type of cyborg I “want to be,” I happened on a 2010 profile of Andrew. I couldn’t think of a timelier reminder of his impact on journalism.

It’s hard to imagine that it’s already been a year since Andrew’s untimely passing. It seems like just yesterday he was riling up Occupy Wall Street protesters and exposing Weinergate.

His confidence was inspirational and allowed him to engage just about anyone. Andrew understood the power of collective action and never shied away from the opportunity to speak his mind. His willingness to tackle politics head-on is what I admire most. He went toe-to-toe with his adversaries, challenging their rhetoric and pointing out their hypocrisy.

I’m extremely grateful for the impact he left on the world of journalism. He used the internet as his own personal platform to discuss and debate the topics that others were afraid to tackle. He uncovered fraud and deception wherever it existed, and, without hesitation, he investigated and reported the stories the mainstream media shied away from.

Andrew devoted his life to creating meaningful political change while motivating others to do something about the shortfalls of government. One year ago, America lost a beacon of liberty, but Andrew’s passion, humor, innovation, and unwavering spirit will forever live on in our hearts.

It’s our responsibility to carry the torch and celebrate Andrew’s legacy. That’s why the Franklin Center is proud to sponsor the Breitbart Awards, honoring the journalists and bloggers that keep Andrew’s memory alive by going above and beyond the call of duty to uncover the truth and expose corruption. 

Today, as we take time to mourn and pay tribute, please also take the time to continue his legacy by submitting a nomination at