A Friend in Hollywood

A Friend in Hollywood

I learned about Andrew Breitbart and his “Big” sites a few years ago, after I graduated from college and started gaining an interest in politics. Ever since I was young, I loved movies and sharing my thoughts about them with friends and family. Obviously, because of my strong passion for film, Andrew’s entertainment website, “Big Hollywood” popped up on my radar, and I was immediately interested in contributing.

Big Hollywood is unique because it connects political junkies, film buffs and engages the conservative moviegoer. I think it is fantastic that we have an online outlet like this, and Andrew must have known how special it was when he launched it in 2009.

In August 2011, I e-mailed the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page to inquire if “Big Hollywood” needed any more movie reviewers. I didn’t expect a response right away, if ever, figuring they were probably overloaded by the amount of people who wanted to contribute. Not even five minutes later, I got a call from Andrew himself, who wanted to talk to me about Big Hollywood and my background. Needless to say, I was shocked and ecstatic.

I couldn’t imagine how busy this man was, and for him to take 20 minutes out of his day to talk with me was just something you don’t hear of anymore. He passed along my information to editor John Nolte, and I started writing for Big Hollywood a week later.

I met Andrew in October 2011 at a Starbucks in Washington, D.C. It was amazing to see just how passionate this man was about politics and the conservative movement. I was in awe just listening to him talk.

A few months later, I became a full-time employee with Breitbart as their first Advertising Sales Executive. Even though I only knew Andrew for a few months, he was the type of person that made you feel like you knew him for a decade. Without Andrew and his network, I’m not sure if I would have been able to write for such a huge outlet at a young age.

I feel truly blessed to have met Andrew and for the opportunities I’ve been granted at the Breitbart News Network.