CNN's Ali Velshi: Breitbart News Removed My Nuance!

CNN's Ali Velshi: Breitbart News Removed My Nuance!

Apparently, CNN’s Ali Velshi is unhappy with my interpretation of his outrageously biased and dishonest sequester reporting yesterday. Here’s our back and forth on Twitter yesterday after my piece published:

That’s Velshi in the photo above. He might understand how the world works, but he seems a bit confused over what the definition of “nuance” is.

Pretty extraordinary to see the elite media at work, isn’t it? You bust them cold for shamelessly spreading happy talk fabrications to aid and abet the White House’s propaganda push to blame an already tanking economy on a nothing budget cut, and they treat you like you’re insane: “You gonna believe me or the five senses God gave you that are in perfect working condition?”  

Yeah, let me get right on that retraction.

Unfortunately, when it comes to protecting Obama, Velshi is not the exception; he is the norm. The media have gone the Full-Orwell by brazenly dropping all pretense of objectivity while still adamantly insisting they’re objective. Just another Big Lie, baby! Learn to live with it.  

Just as unfortunate, though, is the fact that Velshi’s CNN report was just the beginning of what we’re about to see from the media as a whole. Obama’s economic policies have failed, the economy has never recovered and is already swirling the drain, and now a way must be found to blame this on the GOP and the fact that the government is too small. And facts, my friends, will have no place in this Narrative.

Long before any sequester cuts were instituted…


…but still, Velshi, the White House,  and the rest of the ObamaMedia are gearing up a spring propaganda campaign to blame an already faltering economy on a federal budget cut that doesn’t equal 1% of the GDP.

And just for a little added spice, Velshi blamed the freakin’ Chamber of Commerce.



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