Huffington Post Is Just a Hugo Chávez Fanpage Now

Huffington Post Is Just a Hugo Chávez Fanpage Now

Reprinted below, an actual top story from the Huffington Post: “Hugo Chavez’s Most Memorable Moments.”

Hugo Chavez was a man of many talents: he played ball, sang songs, pulled out pistols, and got down and groovy – and that is precisely how we’ll remember the Venezuelan leader.

Since rising to power nearly two decades ago, Chavez always liked the spotlight. In 2006, he famously called former U.S. President George W. Bush the devil during a speech at the U.N. General Assembly and the last time rumors were spreading about his health, he invited a group of reporters to play baseball.

Check out the slideshow below for other memorable moments of Chavez.

A slideshow follows, including 10 pictures of “Hugo Chavez’s Most Memorable Moments”:

  • “Bolivar’s Pistols”
  • “Playing Ball”
  • “Birthday Dance”
  • “Drink Juice, Not Coke”
  • “Classy Obama”
  • “Congrats Edgar [Renteria]”
  • “Ode to Hillary”
  • “The Devil [Bush]”
  • “Rapping”
  • “Negotiator”

Note the care and emphasis given by the Huffington Post to Chávez’s admiration for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and his hatred of George W. Bush–enough to qualify for sainthood in the American liberal Pantheon. (Accordingly, HuffPo’s top headlines since Chávez’s death have been: “He’s Dead” and “Life After Hugo.”)

Also note the total absence of any information about Chávez’s coup attempt, assaults on democracy, attacks on press freedom, suppression of human rights, alliances with America’s enemies, and failed economic policy.

I happen to think this little video was Chávez’s most memorable moment–for the rest of the world, anyway: