WaPo: Another Day, Another False White House Sequester Claim

WaPo: Another Day, Another False White House Sequester Claim

Once again we find Glenn Kessler doing the honorable, bipartisan work of holding a White House responsible for what they say and do. And once again, the White House has been caught lying regarding a sequester scare tactic, this time with respect to a claim about the effect a measly 2% budget cut might have on vaccinations.

Yet, in raising the alarm about the sequester, the administration has highlighted the decline in vaccinations that it claims would result from sequestration. The White House Web site displays an interactive map, which when you click on Maryland, it declares: “2,050 fewer children will get vaccines for diseases like measles and whopping cough.”  It’s even worse for Virginia: 3,530 children would supposedly be affected.

That bit of nonsense earned the White House two of those bad-boy Pinocchios.

While I’m thrilled some individual journalists are doing what they’re supposed to do — hold the White House accountable — now that Obama has been caught in over a half-dozen lies, when does the president’s beclowning of his own credibility become The Narrative in the full media?

That was a rhetorical question.


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