Five Reasons Soledad O'Brien Is a Failure

Five Reasons Soledad O'Brien Is a Failure

Watch Soledad O’Brien’s interview with Maryland State Senator J.B. Jennings, a Republican lawmaker:

1. O’Brien is condescending to her guest. She actually laughs at him throughout the interview.

2. O’Brien arrogantly assumes she knows more about what Maryland constituents want from their legislator (especially parents of students who have to worry about overbearing school rules).

3. O’Brien doesn’t even try to hide her biases.

4. If O’Brien believes that the law her guest has proposed is “ridiculous,” it’s obvious the only reason he was brought on was to be publicly ridiculed.

5. O’Brien never-ever-ever-ever grills Democrats in this same way. If O’Brien treated Democrats with the same scorn and skepticism, she would at least be an interesting interviewer. But because it’s only Republicans who ever get this treatment, O’Brien is nothing more than a left-wing hack — and by extension, one of the least liked and watched personalities in the history of cable news.  

Even liberals are going to find this kind of dishonest and arrogant behavior unattractive.

Good riddance.


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