Demoted: MSNBC Boots Schultz to Weekends

Demoted: MSNBC Boots Schultz to Weekends

Wednesday night, Ed Schultz of MSNBC announced that his The Ed Show would be moving from weeknights to weekends. It will now fill two hours every Saturday and Sunday, 5-7 PM. The show has always struggled to find its audience, bouncing around the dial since its debut in April 2009. Schultz painted the move as voluntary:

I raised my hand for this assignment for a number of personal and professional reasons. My fight on The Ed Show has been for the workers and the middle class. This new time slot will give me the opportunity to produce and focus on stories that I care about and are important to American families and American workers.

MSNBC President Phil Griffin is playing along, congratulating Schultz on the move. “It’s an exciting time for MSNBC, and I’m looking forward to having Ed’s powerful voice on our network for a long time,” said Griffin.

Griffin’s programming strategy seems to revolve around oddly off-putting sets of glasses. Or wild hair. Schultz doesn’t wear glasses.