Dave Weigel Wins! First Journo to Hit CPAC on Race

Dave Weigel Wins! First Journo to Hit CPAC on Race

Well, shoot… When I pulled Toure’s name in the office pool to see who would be the first lefty to race-bait CPAC, it seemed like a sure winner.

In Toure’s defense, though, his MSNBC show doesn’t air until the afternoon, which gives Slate’s Dave Weigel an edge; an edge this fierce GOP antagonist took full advantage of on CPAC’s opening day … at 9:34 am!

Congrats, Dave. Quite the work ethic:

One of the first speeches at CPAC came from former Rep. Allen West, a black conservative who delighted–and delights–in telling liberals they patronize and misunderstand blacks. “I know from personal experience,” he said, that nothing on earth scares the left like a black American who can “think independently.”

Behind West: A seven-panel display, paying tribute to decades of conservatism and conservative heroes. Strangely missing from the display: Any black conservatives. … That’s clip art of a smiling black guy talking to an Asian woman.

Clip-arting minorities. We are so busted.


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