New York Times Vs. The Truth About Pope Francis

New York Times Vs. The Truth About Pope Francis

Monday, Big Journalism documented how Sunday’s “60 Minutes” report on the Catholic Church contained a number of inexcusable and intentional lies of omission in order to make a group of radical nuns look oppressed and the Church look as though it was engaged in an “Inquisition” of “censorship” (those are the words of “60 Minutes,” not us).

Over at PJ Media, author Andrew Klavan catches the New York Times in another glaring act of anti-Catholic deception:  

[T]his morning, the pseudo-journalists at the Times began their campaign of lies against the new pope, Francis, under the damning (and damnable) headline: “Starting a Papacy, Amid Echoes of a ‘Dirty War:’

One Argentine priest is on trial in Tucumán Province on charges of working closely with torturers in a secret jail during the so-called Dirty War, urging prisoners to hand over information. Another priest was accused of taking a newborn from his mother…

Another clergy member offered biblical justification for the military’s death flights, according to an account by one of the pilots anguished about dumping drugged prisoners out of aircraft and into the sea.

As he starts his papacy, Francis, until this month Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, faces his own entanglement with the Dirty War, which unfolded from 1976 to 1983. As the leader of Argentina’s Jesuits for part of that time, he has repeatedly had to dispute claims that he allowed the kidnapping of two priests in his order in 1976, accusations the Vatican is calling a defamation campaign.

This is just despicable, isn’t it? Lead with examples of some priests who were wicked then segue into a paragraph about the pope to make it sound like he was one of them. Really – for shame.

Reading more deeply into the story — which I did so you don’t have to — we learn that the pope’s “entanglement,” involved hiding fugitives from the government bad guys, pleading for the release of two priests and helping one guy who looked like him escape by lending him his papers and a priest get-up. Which last is actually pretty cool. Go, Pope.

Read it all.  

With all the real problems and scandals facing the Church, the media still feels it has to make things up.

The hatred is palpable.


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