Washington Examiner Ends Daily Publication

Washington Examiner Ends Daily Publication

According to the press release, this coming June the Washinghton Examiner will cease all local coverage to focus instead on “investigative reporting and commentary on issues affecting national legislation and policy.”

Other than a weekly magazine focusing on “political thought leadership,” the outlet will also end publication (which is now daily) in June and move all its resources online.

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple is reporting that as many as 87 layoffs are expected.

From the press release:

Clarity Media Group today announced that daily newspaperThe Washington Examiner will shift its business model in June, becoming a digital platform and weekly print magazine focused on political thought leadership

The new product, set to launch June 17, will offer news, analysis, investigative reporting and commentary on issues affecting national legislation and policy across a number of key areas. The website will continue to engage millions of visitors nationwide with web-only reporting and commentary throughout the day, complemented by WEX-branded digital and social media. The target readership for the print weekly will be 45,000 government, public affairs, advocacy, academia and political professionals in Washington, DC and state capitals.

Layoffs have also been announced:

Many of the business and editorial positions needed to publish a local daily newspaper are not required as we move to focus on national and political coverage,” said Mr. McKibben. “The employees being laid off should be proud of their achievements in creating The Washington Examiner, and Clarity is grateful for the role they have played in giving the Examiner the strong presence it has in Washington.”

Among the employees staying to launch and run the new website and publication are editor Stephen G. Smith, executive editor Mark Tapscott, and managing editor of digital Jennifer Peebles. Several other executives on the business side will remain to lead the effort. In addition, 20 positions will be created for the new digital platform and weekly publication.