Reuters Editor Denies 'Anonymous' Hacker Charges

Reuters Editor Denies 'Anonymous' Hacker Charges

Matthew Key, the Reuters Editor who was arrested on charges of conspiring with hackers in defacing a Los Angeles Times story, denied the charges Tuesday.  

On his Facebook page Tuesday, Keys wrote: “I did not give a username and a password to anyone. I did not ‘conspire’ to ’cause damage to a protected computer.’ I did not cause ‘transmission of malicious code,’ and I did not ‘attempt’ to cause ‘transmission of malicious code.’ My attorneys have said much of the same over the past few days, but I feel it might mean more coming from me directly.”

Attorney Jay Leiderman said Friday that it was an Internet prank, and that shouldn’t land anyone in prison for 25 years.  “No one was hurt, there were no lasting injuries, no one’s identity was stolen, lives weren’t ruined,” said Leiderman. “It was a joke, and I guess a joke will get you 25 years in prison.”

Reuters hired Keys in 2012 as deputy editor for social media. David Girardin, a spokesman for the news agency, told AP Friday that Keys was suspended Thursday with pay.