Media Reports on ObamaCare Problems… Three Years Late

Media Reports on ObamaCare Problems… Three Years Late

Our Johnny-on-the-spot media elite are all over the devilish details of ObamaCare this week. The three-year anniversary of the signing of the bloated government grab is tomorrow, and what better time to point out its massive failures and punitive complications than after it is too late to do anything about it?

In the media’s defense, some of the failures being reported on now weren’t apparent in 2009 and 2010, but that’s not my complaint. My complaint — and what should be America’s complaint — is where was this kind of scrutiny and reporting when this terrible bill was being gamed through the all-Democrat federal government?

As we all know, skeptical, forward-looking media analysis of ObamaCare was pretty much non-existent back then. We also know that those who did read the bill and report on its real and potential horrors (through New Media and in Townhall meetings) were demonized by the media.

Rather than report on the devilish details or laugh Democrats out of office for submitting fraudulent ObamaCare budgets to the CBO so the monstrosity could be called “deficit neutral,” the media instead played State Pipe Organ and focused on all the “goodies.”

In the meantime, out here in the real world and contrary to all those cotton candy promises the media assured us would come true, insurers facing all kinds of restrictions and a glut of sick people have boosted our health care premiums, and companies everywhere are cutting back employee work hours to avoid being forced to provide insurance. Moreover, contrary to Obama’s biggest promise, people are losing their insurance because companies would prefer to pay the fine than for the Cadillac plans ObamaCare demands.

And how can one even begin to count the number of individual ObamaCare horror stories that dribble out almost daily, not from the ObamaMedia, naturally — but from conservative media sites like Drudge? We’re about to face a terrifying shortage of physicians and heaven only knows what this means.  

But if you believe in the philosophy of better-late-than-never, Politico actually summoned a little moral courage Friday morning. One of its morning leads takes a fairly in-depth look at how the bill remains unpopular and the massive uphill battle the government faces (money and tech) to get the ObamaCare pieces in place by October, when people are supposed to start signing up. (ObamaCare’s insurance exchanges and most punishing mandates hit early next year.)

Here’s Wednesday’s Wonk Blog at the Washington Post:

Last week I posted a copy of the draft application for Obamacare benefits, which clocks in at a hefty 21 pages.

Consumer advocates and Wonkblog commenters had similar questions: Why on earth would the federal government create such a complex form to obtain a public benefit?

You don’t have to spend much time with the chart to get that, it’s really not simple at all.

And Wednesday’s New York Times:

‘Our revenues are about $8 million, but the food business is a low-margin industry so cutting $108,000 out of our profits, which are just over $200,000, is a big deal,’ said Ms. Shein, who is the chief executive. They are evaluating different ways to comply with the new law and finance the expense.

You get my point. But if you don’t, Sean Hannity has a terrific round-up here.

Over at Investors Business Daily, they’ve come up with “10 Disturbing Facts Americans Have Learned” about ObamaCare over the last three years.

A better title might have been “10 Disturbing Facts About ObamaCare the Media Are Still Covering Up.”

Regardless, “disturbing” is a kind word when you’re talking about skyrocketing premium costs, losing your employer-based insurance, having your hours cut back, and nearly a trillion in new tax hikes that will hit the middle class.

The damage Obama, Democrats, the media, and the Supreme Court have done to this country is impossible to wrap your mind around. How did so many become so corrupted that they gleefully aided and abetted the likely destruction of our most vital and successful institution: the imperfect but still amazing American health care system?

And God help us; it is just getting started.  


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