Chris Wallace Fails to Ask Mark Kelly About Declined AR-15 Purchase

Chris Wallace Fails to Ask Mark Kelly About Declined AR-15 Purchase

On the Mar. 31 edition of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace interviewed gun regulation advocate Mark Kelly about his recently-released video of a background check at an Arizona gun store, but failed to ask Kelly about the fact that he was denied permission to purchase an AR-15 rifle he attempted to obtain on that visit.

Kelly’s video, released through the lobby group he co-founded with his wife, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, attempts to show how easy it is for gun owners to complete the type of background check that Kelly wishes to extend to private gun sales. However, in Kelly’s case, the background check proved to be preventative.

While Kelly easily passed the background check for a handgun, he had to wait 20 days before completing a separate check for the AR-15 because the weapon had been traded in. Because Kelly later proclaimed his intent to hand the AR-15 over to Tuscon police, which could be an illegal straw purchase, he was denied.

Wallace did not ask Kelly about the failed AR-15 purchase. Nor did he challenge Kelly’s bogus statistics on the private gun sales to which Kelly wishes to apply “universal background checks.” Kelly–like President Barack Obama–falsely claimed 40% of gun sales are private. The real figure, however, is likely about 10%.