Limbaugh: White House Targets Drudge

Limbaugh: White House Targets Drudge

Wednesday morning, senior White House advisor Dan Pfeiffer ripped into the Drudge Report and sent a signal to the media as a whole that they should stop following the well-trafficked site’s editorial lead. That same day, talk radio titan Rush Limbaugh exposed the Matrix behind what this is really about:

The White House goes after Fox News by name, and the White House goes after me by name, because what the White House wants is to eliminate any opposition — political, media, wherever it is.  That is the modus operandi of the president, rather than debate people and win in a contest of hearts and minds. They don’t want to do that, no, no, just eliminate the opposition.  It’s been the way Obama has approached politics since his first days in it.

Well, now they’re back to calling out Drudge. …

So it’s a profound admission.  [The White House] value control more than they do truths, accuracy, or any of that.  And, as leftists, this does not come as a surprise.  But the Drudge Report is an aggregator.  Very little of what is on Drudge, does Drudge write.  When Drudge gets fired up about something, you’ll see a siren, and he might take a stab at it, but all Drudge does is find what’s in the news and put it up there. The genius or the brilliance of Drudge is that he happens to pick stuff that millions of people around the world are interested in that wouldn’t see if he didn’t post it for them because it’s being excluded by other people. …

So when the White House is approached by people asking what’s on Drudge, it’s no different than if they would be asked about something that’s in the New York Times, except they don’t approve of Drudge.  …

It’s all part of the effort to delegitimize what is on Drudge.  In fact, the New York Times does the opposite of what Drudge does.  The New York Times buries the news that they don’t want anybody to know about.  And Drudge does not do that.

This is not a new complaint about Drudge and the media; it is just a new one coming from the White House.

Many times, I have seen members of the mainstream media use Twitter to ridicule and marginalize Drudge by mocking colleagues who jump on whatever the Drudge Report is highlighting.

Never once, though, have I seen anyone in media mock their colleagues’ slavish devotion to Narrative Masters such as The New York Times, Chuck Todd, The Washington Post, Ben Smith, or even the White House.

These days, the media seem much more devoted to following the White House lead than that of even the New York Times. For example, talk of our fledgling economy, today’s depressing jobs’ numbers, and the dramatic rise in poverty is practically nowhere. But when it comes to gun control, today the media look every bit as tired and desperate as Obama trying to resurrect that dead horse.



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