CNN Looking to Re-Launch 'Crossfire'

CNN Looking to Re-Launch 'Crossfire'

In 1982, CNN debuted a current affairs debate show titled Crossfire. The show starred Tom Braden from the left and Pat Buchanan from the right in a raucous debate on the issues of the day. The show continued until 2005 when it was canceled. But now, CNN is hinting that it is considering a re-launch of the show.

Alex Weprin reported that CNN has not made any firm announcements, but that the cable news network is considering the idea. CNN is in the midst of a wide-ranging re-working of its programming as newly minted President Jeff Zuckerman tries to reverse years of failing ratings.

The series originated from a Braden/Buchanan radio show which began in 1978 and over its twenty-three-year history, Crossfire had over a dozen co-hosts. The show was often criticized for its hard-charging style.

In fact, Crossfire ended only months after Comedy Central comedian Jon Stewart criticized the show for “hurting America” with its “miserable” example of public discourse.

Even though then, as now, Stewart indulged in the same “partisan hackery,” he exempted himself from any blame for “hurting America” claiming he’s “just a comedian.”

Nonetheless, Crossfire was canceled in 2005 after final conservative co-host Tucker Carlson left the network for a stint at MSNBC.