Gosnell Employee: I Assisted with Abortions at Age 15

Gosnell Employee: I Assisted with Abortions at Age 15

Philly.com reported Thursday that Ashley Baldwin, a one-time employee of Kermit Gosnell’s — the doctor currently on trial for murdering seven babies — was “administering intravenous medicine and, ultimately, assisting in abortions” at the tender age of 15.

Baldwin is now 22 and worked at the abortion clinic with her mother, Tina Baldwin, who has already plead guilty to “racketeering, conspiracy and corrupting a minor — her daughter.”

Like other Gosnell workers, Baldwin testified that Gosnell taught her the rudiments of using an ultrasound, administering IV medicine and some lab work. She said she was working legally because, as a doctor, he had “grandfathered her in.” …

She also told of seeing at least five aborted babies moving, breathing and, in one case, “screeching,” after procedures at Gosnells’ Women’s Medical Society clinic at 3801 Lancaster Ave.

“They looked just like regular babies,” Baldwin said to Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore.

Baldwin said one baby she saw was so big that Gosnell joked that “this baby is going to walk me home.”

This continues to be a story the national media does not find worthy of coverage.



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