Face The Nation: Mark Kelly Not Asked To Explain His Unsuccessful Attempts To Purchase Guns at Tucson Gun Store

Face The Nation: Mark Kelly Not Asked To Explain His Unsuccessful Attempts To Purchase Guns at Tucson Gun Store

More proof of the mainstream media’s blind commitment to gun control came on April 14, when Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer did a segment on background checks with Mark Kelly and didn’t even ask Kelly to explain the problems he had with background checks in Tucson during February and March.

Although Kelly has been on a four month campaign to highlight how easy and essentially ineffective the current background check process is, when he first entered Diamondback Police Supply to buy a handgun in Feb. he was not allowed to do so because he didn’t have Arizona ID.

This represents his first unsuccessful attempt to purchase.

Approximately 13 days later–on March 5–Kelly went back into the gun store with an AZ ID, went through a background check for a Sig Sauer 1911 pistol, passed it, and paid for an AR-15 as well–but the background check for the AR-15 was still pending when Kelly left the store that day.

Kelly got home with his new handgun and bragged about how the background check had only taken 5 min, 36 secs. In reality, it had taken him 13 days, 5 mins, 36 secs, but Schieffer didn’t ask about that either.

Kelly’s AR-15 had a 20-day hold on it because it had been traded in by another customer. In between the time that Kelly paid for it and the completion of the 20 day hold, the store owner decided Kelly would have trouble with the background check because Kelly was telling anyone who would listen that he wasn’t buying the gun for himself–that he planned to give it away.

Question 11a of form 4473 in the background check process asks: “Are you the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm(s) listed on this form?” 

This is the question the gun store owner thought Kelly would have trouble with, so instead of continuing with the process store owner Douglas MacKinlay refunded Kelly’s money on the AR-15, halting the purchase process.

That represents his second unsuccessful attempt to purchase a gun and show how easy and ineffective our current background check system is.

Did Schieffer bring this up?

No. Instead he discussed the Manchin-Toomey ‘compromise’ with Kelly, then asked, “What do you think [are] the most important things that Congress can do?”

Kelly responded: “Well, expanding the current background check system is a huge success.”

It was just another day in the life of the mainsteam media’s push for more gun control.