Kristof: GOP Slam 'Wasn't One of My Classier' Tweets

Kristof: GOP Slam 'Wasn't One of My Classier' Tweets

New York Times columnist Nick Kristof was criticized for a highly political tweet he sent out in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. The blatantly tasteless and partisan message to his followers seemed to put the blame for the terror attack at the feet of GOP Senators:  

He quickly took to Twitter to take it back, after receiving much fall-out:  

Last night, Kristof spoke to Eric Wemple at the Washington Post on the controversial topic:  

“That’s what comes of wandering around the finish line and firing off tweets and tweeting things without thinking. It was a connection that I should not have made in 140 characters.” Kristof is on book leave and so probably won’t be visiting the topic in a column anytime soon. “I just think I do some good tweets and I think I do some bad tweets and that wasn’t one of my classier ones.”