Scarborough Only Blames 'Radicalism' For Boston Terror, Not Radical Islamism

Scarborough Only Blames 'Radicalism' For Boston Terror, Not Radical Islamism

In an effort to cut against the excrutiatingly politically correct mindset on his home at MSNBC, Joe Scarborough mocked left-wing analysts who spent the weekend looking inward at America for possible motives behind the Boston marathon terror attacks. 

Citing a column by Kevin Cullen, Scarborough said: 

“Before you engage in the whole why do they hate us clap-trap, let’s just talk about the fact that these guys were evil. They were beasts. And guess what? It wasn’t our fault that they put a bomb at the feet of an eight-year-old boy.”

So far so good. But then, Scarborough can’t shed the PC shackles enough to take the extra, logical step of pointing to the leading cause of terror attacks in the world today. He uses the watered down “radicalism” as a catch-all to encompass all radical ideas under one umbrella, as if “radicalism” is the biggest threat in our society. He just can’t bring himself to point out the significant fact that the terrorists were hugely influenced by radical Islamism.  “Don’t blame society for that. Blame radicalism, blame evil, blame them (the Tsaraev brothers.)”

Watch the segment here: