Local Media Dismantle National Media's Dishonest Attacks on Kelly Ayotte

Local Media Dismantle National Media's Dishonest Attacks on Kelly Ayotte

Burned, humiliated, and led by Turncoat Joe Scarborough, the national media has spent all of this week attempting to destroy Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) by manufacturing a reality that apparently doesn’t exist. If you are stupid enough to only get your news from the likes of NBC, The New York Times, or The Washington Post, you are under the completely false impression that Ayotte is in some kind of trouble in her home state over her vote against the Toomey-Manchin background check bill.

The New Hampshire Journal’s Shawn Millerick took the time Thursday to not only dismantle that theory, but to expose the leftist national media for the liars they are:

We’ve seen that this week with the mainstream media’s coverage of Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s town hall meetings. The big media folks flocked to the Granite State this week as though it was the First-in-the-Nation presidential primary, all because they wanted to see Sen. Ayotte get yelled at for voting against a measure that would have expanded gun control.

The media certainly covered what they wanted to see. …

The truth is, Ayotte enjoys a great deal of support for her vote in this Live Free or Die State.

Millerick then shames the national media for ignoring the over-the-top protests against Ayotte (blood-splattered signs, etc.) and includes 10 photographs of out-of-state license plates owned by these media-props protesters. He concludes with….

These protesters made for great props for the elite media. But they are not Sen. Ayotte’s constituents and they won’t have the privilege of voting in the 2016 election, when Ayotte is next up for re-election. Her supporters will.

Friday, the Journal took the national media to task again:

The mainstream media narrative regarding Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s town hall meetings this week took another blow this morning. As the New Hampshire Union Leader reports on Thursday’s town hall meeting:

Most attendees clapped wildly when a Fitzwilliam man told Ayotte he has been watching her on television for a long time and that she “looks presidential.”

This image creates quite a contrast to what Americans are reading in the national mainstream press regarding the reception Sen. Ayotte has received in the Granite State in the wake of her vote against a measure to expand gun control.

Wednesday, in a blistering editorial, the New Hampshire Union Leader ripped into Erica Lafferty, the daughter of the principal gunned down at Sandy Hook. After confronting Ayotte at a town hall meeting,  Lafferty lashed into Ayotte, accusing the Senator of trying  “to justify my mother’s murder and the murder of five other educators and the murders of 6- and 7-year-olds.” She added, “It is disgusting.”

The Union Leader responds with:

No, what is disgusting is deliberately mischaracterizing someone’s position for the purpose of portraying that person as a willing accomplice to murder. That has been the left’s strategy since Newtown. It is a testament to the Senate that a majority of its members, including Ayotte, did not cave to such bullying.

Although Ayotte isn’t up for reelection for another three-and-a-half years, that hardly seems to matter. When you compare the facts to the national media spin, it looks as though Ayotte made the correct decision for her state with her no-vote.

And now we have even more proof that the corrupt national media will always put agenda above truth.


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