Media Ignore: Obama's OFA Manufacture Protests Against Kelly Ayotte

Media Ignore: Obama's OFA Manufacture Protests Against Kelly Ayotte

Over the past couple of days, CNN (specifically congressional correspondent Dana Bash) has joined  MSNBC’s propaganda campaign targeting/shaming a handful of senators they see as vulnerable after their vote against the Toomey-Manchin background check bill.

As we reported earlier, the disconnect between the reality being manufactured by the dishonest national media and the reality-reality of the support Ayotte enjoys in New Hampshire, is striking enough. But to put CNN/MSNBC’s dishonesty into even starker perspective is this piece of reporting courtesy of Fox News’s Bret Baier:

The New Hampshire Journal adds:

President Obama’s campaign arm turned “advocacy” group, Organizing for Action, has found itself thrust into the spotlight for a blatant politicization of last month’s Boston Marathon bombing.

A protest outside Senator Kelly Ayotte’s office over her vote against the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill, which President Obama backed, saw one protestor wielding a sign riddled with what appeared to be fake blood.

The sign itself read: “More people shot in one day than Marathoned.”

The media is refusing to report on the president being behind some of these protests because that would dilute the narrative MSNBC, CNN, and Dana Bash are desperate to fabricate: That this is all about a grassroots groundswell.

When it comes to our corrupt media, they never let a solid truth get in the way of a left-wing Narrative.


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