CNN's Piers Morgan Honored by Anti-Gun Group

CNN's Piers Morgan Honored by Anti-Gun Group

On May 7, Piers Morgan was honored in Beverly Hills at an event hosted by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. The CNN host was awarded the Sarah Brady Visionary Award and was honored alongside celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser.

Morgan has been one of TV’s most outspoken opponents of the Second Amendment since the shootings at Newtown, Connecticut. His near-nightly campaign to convince Americans to accept sharp restrictions on our Constitutional rights was recognized by the Brady Campaign at its Tuesday ceremony.

Morgan told the Hollywood Reporter that he was not surprised that the recent gun bill failed to pass the Senate.

“The NRA did their normal thing. They bullied and traduced people in Washington and threatened them,” Morgan claimed. “They said ‘if you vote for these gun control laws, we’re going to drive you out of power,’ and guess what? Enough cowardly Democrats in particular said ‘OK. You’re right, I’ll keep my mouth shut.'”

Despite Morgan’s guesswork on the nature of the Senate debate on the failed gun bill, the NRA wasn’t the “bully” Morgan imagines. As the Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney noted, the NRA had little to do with the failure of the bill in April.

Morgan has produced numerous shows to oppose guns and to denigrate the Second Amendment and U.S. Constitution including an April 12 show where he enlisted the aid of singer Tony Bennet to advocate for gun bans.