Even Now, Washington Post's Libya Coverup Continues

Even Now, Washington Post's Libya Coverup Continues

As soon as ABC News dropped its Libya bombshell against the Obama Administration Friday, The Washington Post went into immediate spin mode to protect the President. Saturday the Post’s shameful Palace Guarding continues. In a major front page piece examining Friday’s events, the Post ignores the fact that the Administration lied about its extensive involvement in the editing of the CIA talking points until the 13th paragraph.

ABC’s Friday report proved once and for all that the Obama Administration lied. The Post’s first instinct, though, was to have their factchecker, Glenn Kessler, craft a byzantine excuse that blamed the edits on benign bureaucratic infighting.

Kessler’s work was such an outlandish piece of fiction that, in his briefing yesterday, White House spokesman Jay Carney didn’t even go near it.

The Post, apparently, is so enamored of Kessler’s fairytale that, in their big front page  report this morning, that is the story they are sticking to. The headline is: Benghazi e-mails show clash between State Department, CIA — and it is not until the 13th paragraph that the Post decides to tell its readers the real story:

White House officials have said previously they made only one change to the CIA-drafted talking points, changing U.S. “consulate” to “diplomatic post” in the final version.

As someone old enough to remember the Post’s fearless work during Watergate, this behavior is dumbfounding. But unfortunately, it is also not surprising. The Post’s desperation when it comes to protecting Barack Obama has been on display for years now, most especially during the 2012 election when Breitbart News caught the once-legendary paper conspiring with Team Obama to attack Mitt Romney, mostly with lies.


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