Former Clinton Official: Bill Wouldn't Have Gotten Away With Benghazi

Former Clinton Official: Bill Wouldn't Have Gotten Away With Benghazi

Saturday, on “Fox News Watch,” former Clinton Administration employee Kirsten Powers joined Monica Crowley to discuss the media reaction to the unfolding Benghazi cover-up.  Powers was Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Public Affairs and witnessed, first hand, how that White House handled the press during a crisis.  

After watching Jay Carney dodge and weave through Friday’s press briefing, repeating the exact same talking points and standing by the incredible assertion that the White House and State Department only changed “one word” in the talking points supplied to Ambassador Susan Rice, Powers seemed frustrated that Obama has been able to get away with a level of obfuscation not even imagined in the Clinton White House.

MONICA CROWLEY: Yeah, and you also have mounting evidence which we saw this week, too, of a White House and a State Department at the very highest levels engaging in lies and stonewalling, intimidation and bullying. If you reverse this and say if this were a President John McCain or President Mitt Romney, this media would be all over the story every single day.

KIRSTEN POWERS: If it was President Bill Clinton. I’m sorry, like I worked in the Clinton administration. I have never seen anything like this. Bill Clinton would not have gotten away with this.

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