MSNBC Politicizes Ohio Kidnapping To Fit 'Women's Health' Agenda

MSNBC Politicizes Ohio Kidnapping To Fit 'Women's Health' Agenda

Did MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry really compare a North Carolina law to the kidnapping of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight in Ohio?  It sure seems like she did.  

In a segment that was introduced with the dramatic 911 call made by Amanda Berry that led to the incredible story that unfolded last week, Harris-Perry not-too-subtly pivoted to American laws and policies related to women’s health and contraception, suggesting that the continuous decades-long rape of the three captive victims in Ohio were somehow comparable. 

As Noah Rothman points out, Harris-Perry wasn’t too subtle shifting from the horrible story in Ohio to discussing a move in North Carolina to force parental consent when their daughters seek contraceptives and treatment for STDs.  

“The survival story of these women after enduring abduction, enslavement, and torture is a chilling echo of others like J.C. Dugard and Elizabeth Smart that have also captured national attention,” Harris-Perry began.

She said that these stories and others like them ignite Americans’ “SVU-fueled” nightmares about the sexual vulnerability of teen girls. “But, far more common when it comes to young women and sexual exploitation are the stories we forget or overlook altogether,” she said.

Harris-Perry lamented that teen girls are not allowed to enter sexual maturity in a safe environment. “Instead, America’s young women are shamed, silenced, mis-educated, exploited, and sometimes even denied health care.”

One wonders if producers at MSNBC recognize the irony of Harris-Perry exploiting the Ohio victims of kidnapping, enslavement and rape to serve her political purposes by accusing lawmakers of exploiting women for their political purposes.

Watch the whole segment here: