White House Refuses Straight Answer to Request for Benghazi Emails

White House Refuses Straight Answer to Request for Benghazi Emails

In a tense exchange Wednesday afternoon between Major Garrett of CBS News and White House spokesman Jay Carney, the White House refused to offer a straight answer to Garrett’s repeated requests that the Administration release the full email chain surrounding the shaping of the CIA’s Benghazi talking points.

Garrett asked Carney three times for an answer to a simple yes or no question. Each time Carney droned on and one with platitudes about how transparent the administration had been with respect to Benghazi.  The first time Garrett reminded Carney to answer the question, Carney claimed he had forgotten the question had been asked. Then he launched into another meaningless monologue, which forced Garrett to ask for a third time.

Finally, Carney answered without answering, saying only that the White House is looking for ways to release more information that, apparently, could or could not include the emails.

Over the last 12 hours, CNN, ABC News, and NBC News have all called for the release of the emails in question. The hope is to shed light on exactly what happened between the State Department, the CIA, and White House as the talking points — that ended being watered down into something completely false — were taking shape prior to UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s round-robin of five Sunday shows a few days after the attack.

Obama confidante, David Axelrod, also called for the emails to be released, claiming they would exonerate everyone involved.


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