'Morning Joe' Worries IRS Scandal Will Lead To More Extremist Candidates'

'Morning Joe' Worries IRS Scandal Will Lead To More Extremist Candidates'

The denizens of the oddly-shaped table discussion on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” delved into the broader political ramifications of the IRS scandal Thursday morning, and panelist Donny Deutsch took issue with the assumption that the issue would be a net positive for Republicans. 

Willy Geist started the discussion by declaring, “If you think Republicans aren’t going to use this as confirmation that big government is out to get you, you’re wrong.”

That’s when Deutsch used the story of the IRS demonizing tea party groups to further demonize tea party groups. 

Basically what it is going to do, it’s going to force, in the primaries, to galvanize the Tea Party. You’re going to get more extremist candidates. They’ll lose in general election. Come general election time, if somebody voted against background checks for guns, if somebody is still doing the crazy, crazy, crazy social issues, I disagree with you.

Deutsch continued to make his case and wrote the IRS scandal off on “a few idiots” operating on their own. Even at a time when the White House is under pressure from three growing scandals–Benghazi, AP and IRS, we can still count on MSNBC to make the “crazy, extreme” tea partiers the real story. 

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