Politico's Thrush Politicizes Oklahoma Tornado

Politico's Thrush Politicizes Oklahoma Tornado

The destructive tornado that destroyed the quiet town of Moore, Oklahoma was only a few hours gone. The devastation had yet to be measured, and the dead barely counted much less mourned and laid to rest. Politico’s Glenn Thrush felt it was already time to politicize the event by scolding Oklahoma’s Senators because they are against global warming and big government spending.

Only hours after the monster storm ended, Thrush took to his Twitter account to slam Oklahoma’s Senators.

Some of Thrush’s twitter followers were a bit taken aback at this use of the tornado to further his political ideas. One, for instance, scolded the Politico writer for his “timing.” Others had harsher words.

But Thrush was unabashed. Several times in reply, Thrush played wide-eyed, acting shocked that he was being called on the carpet.

“Politicizing?” he said acting incredulous. “Reflecting Coburn’s statement. Read it,” he continued defensively.

Still many Twitter users felt that Thrush was injecting partisan politics into a natural disaster that killed dozens, a disaster that was essentially still in the midst of playing out.